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Oxygen odio mikser Bilgileri


Oxygen 4 has been specifically conceived for radiophonic “on air” and ‘production’ purposes, offering an elegant design along with compact dimensions.

The structure is entirely modular, allowing you to choose between different input modules (Mono, Stereo, Telco and Telephone) and making Oxygen 4 the ideal solution for small/medium radio stations.
Micro and mono Line switchable inputs (balanced)
Insert function on microphone input
Trimmer for Micro level fine adjustement
Gain control
Phantom power supply
Three band parametric equalizer (optional)
Master e/o Sub output assignement
PFL function
Spk Muting + 2 relays enabling
Two balanced stereo balanced inputs
Input B configurable for Line or Phono signals
Three band equalizer (optional)
Start / Stop commands (optional)
Master e/o Sub output assignement
PFL function
Gain Control
Built-in analogic telephone hybrid
Automatic Line compensation
Send & Receive level controls
Trimmer for fine adjustement of Receive level
Master e/o Sub output assignement
Ring LED for incoming calls
Private/ PFL function for ‘off-air’ communcations
Hook key for line hooking
Socket for external telephone set
Send output and Receive input both balanced
Send & Receive level controls
Remote control capabilities of external hybrid (e.g. Boxtel and Macrotel series by Axel Technology)
Master e/o Sub output assignement
Ring LED for incoming calls
Private/ PFL function for ‘off-air’ communcations
Hook key for line hooking
Balanced Master output (Mono/Stereo switchable)
Balanced Sub output (Mono/Stereo switchable)
Sub output fader
PFL function applied to Sub signal
Sub output assignable to the Master output
Two balanced Rec outputs (Mst/Sub switchable)
Rec output indipendent level controls
Studio + Ctrl Room outputs (separated for headph / spk)
Independent control sections for Studio and Ctrl Room
Auxiliary balanced Tuner input
Tuner input level control
Talk Back to Studio capability
Built-in Talk Back microphone
Selectable source for 2nd Meter couple
2 Vu/Peak meter pairs
1 pair preset to Mst output, 1 user assignable
High resolution scale: 20 LED for each meter
Vu/Peak visualization jumper able
Sensibility ranging – 25 dB to + 5

Oxygen 4 is available in the 10 and 20 modules versions (and also a 30 slot frame with Script Tray). The frames are inox steel + aluminium made, with wood finishing touch. Electronic components have been ed the best on the market.

Faders, potentiometers and switches are by Alps. Its wide range of functions provides the most immediate and complete broadcast control. For instance, Oxygen 4 provides: Start/Stop commands, built-in TalkBack microphone, relays for OnAir lamps, Studio - Control Room speakers cut-off, phantom microphone powering. All input/output connections are balanced on ¼” jacks.

Mono and Stereo modules feature able double inputs and three bands tone control (optional). Telephone module features a built-in, high quality telephone hybrid and Telco module can be interfaced to every external hybrid. Oxygen 4 provides 2 output buses (Master and Sub), 2 recording outputs (assignable Mst/Sub) and a versatile Monitor section, separated for Studio - Control Room controls.

4 Vu/Peak meters come with the equipment.

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